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Brinc x Rho Impact Join Forces to Help Startups Quantify the Emissions Reduction Potential of their Technologies

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Brinc, a Hong-Kong based accelerator with programs across seven countries. We will be leading impact measurement workshops for Brinc's climate tech and food tech accelerator programs, including teaching expert usage of the CRANE Tool (Carbon Reduction Assessment for New Enterprises). Partnered with global corporations (like Manulife, Huawei, Schneider Electric, PUMA Group, Merck) and civic institutions (like NEOM and National University of Singapore), we look forward to supporting Brinc's mission to empower global game changers.
By Brinc · March 20, 2023
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Emission Factors

Multipliers used in GHG accounting when calculating the carbon emissions profile of a given activity or process
By Noah Miller · March 3, 2023
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ESG & the Regulatory Environment

A rising focus on corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is rapidly changing the regulatory environment and associated stakeholder expectations for businesses around the world. Investors, analysts, directors, and management teams alike are seeing the need to apply an ESG lens to virtually every decision-making process — from where to deploy capital and who to partner with to which new markets to enter. 
By Noah Miller · February 22, 2023
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Impact Investing

Investments aimed at producing a positive social or environmental benefit in addition to returns on investment
By Noah Miller · February 19, 2023
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Carbon Markets

Transactional marketplaces where organizations and investors can buy and sell carbon credits and offsets
By Kyle Peterdy · February 19, 2023
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Highlights: Introduction to ERP Analysis with Tideline Currents

What does it take to assess the emissions reduction potential of emerging climate solutions? Director of Project Frame, Keri Browder, and Rho Impact’s Chief Scientific Officer, Seth Sheldon, shared an introduction to emissions reduction potential analysis in the first webinar of Tideline's Currents initiative.
By Project FRAME · February 08, 2023
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An Analyst’s Approach to ESG: Feature Interview with Rho Impact’s Noah Miller

Noah Miller (pictured right), Founder, Chief Strategist, and Head of ESG Advisory Services at Rho Impact, is a former ESG consulting practice leader, in-house ESG director, social entrepreneur, and non-profit advisor. He is passionate about leveraging the power of business to address real-world challenges and improve the welfare of all people.
By Scott Powell · November 14, 2022
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