"Industry leaders enable their customers to decarbonize in ways that are actionable, genuine, and verifiable.

"Rho Impact has the pleasure of working with some of the world's leading investors and innovators. These organizations are advancing the decarbonization of our global economy, making great strides towards environmental and social impact, and are putting serious effort into improving their approaches over time. Thank you for all you do and for the opportunity to work with you on these important initiatives."


Gilman Callsen

Founder, CEO of Rho Impact


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How can avoided emissions help investment teams?

“The avoided emissions potential of investments in the climate space is an increasingly important metric, and it has been fantastic working with Rho Impact to qualify and quantify the benefits of the technologies being developed by Volta's portfolio companies. The Rho team brings a wealth of knowledge on how to assess and report on new technologies' potential to decarbonize a range of industries and markets.”

James Frith

Principal, Volta Energy Technologies


How can impact forecasting help accelerate sales growth?

"Our work with Rho has had a significant impact on how we view our business today and how we plan for the future. Their impact forecasting work has opened the door to new customers, new capital, and new commercial opportunities. None of this would have been possible without Rho's expertise, partnership, and passion. We look forward to continuing this partnership as we scale our business and our impact on the life-sciences industry at large."

Katherine Marrs

Chief Commercial Officer, Grenova


How is ESG applied in the real world with stakeholders?

"Rho has been an invaluable partner in supporting select ESG needs of our client base. Their depth of real-world experience, contributions to the field, and ability to work effectively across stakeholder groups has been critical in meeting the complex needs of our clients. We look forward to expanding our collective positive impact on the real estate industry and the global transition to a Net Zero economy."

Colette Temmink

Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Division at Lessen

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