Instantly compare the future impact of thousands of climate solutions against the status quo.

Authoritative Data

Access a pre-assembled, evergreen data lake of the world's most authoritative energy and environmental data.

Comparable Forecasts

Evaluate, debate, and act based on scenarios presented in understandable, directly-comparable terms.

Auditable References

Incorporate confidently with auditable, citable references and methodologies underpinning all data.

Innovators, investors, and all stakeholders can now more effectively make decisions based on the ability of new solutions to avoid future emissions. Koi transforms the world's most authoritative energy and environmental datasets, (ex. IEA, SBTi, ecoinvent, and leading industry & life cycle analysis (LCA) studies) and distills them into standardized emissions intensity tables using uncomplicated terms such as emissions per kilo microgreens per year, kilowatt-hours delivered, vehicle miles traveled, tons of copper ore, and other equally relatable units.

Koi's expanding dataset pre-calculates the Avoided Emissions Factors (AEFs, also known as Scope 4 Emissions) for thousands of climate solutions. The data cut straight to the point to unlock rapid understanding while preserving direct line-of-sight to auditable, citable references and methodologies.

The world needs to pick up the pace to scale effective climate solutions. We think Koi can help.