Technical & Advisory Services

What are impact and ESG advisory services? Can't software handle it all?

We're glad you asked! While software can help (a lot), it can't do everything. We have results orientation based on decades of doing this work, so we know how to get the most out of all available data and tools. Our team of experts help cut time and effort, contextualize the data, and build capacity within your team so you can get the job done.

Design an Actionable & Evidence-Based Impact Strategy

Create an ESG, Net Zero, Sustainability, or Specific Impact Strategy. Rho Impact guides you from start to finish.

Forecast Your Triple Bottom-Line Impacts

Forecast the environmental, social & economic impacts of your strategy in a variety of scenarios specific to you.

Visualize and Scale Your Impact

Visualize your operations, assign tasks and track progress across your enterprise.

Build Capacity and Improve Governance

Step-by-step, guided ESG Governance process —from policies and procedures to working group management, all from your Gemini dashboard.

Create Investor-Grade Disclosures at your Fingertips

Provide performance reports and assurance documentation aligned with leading global disclosure standards.

Engage Your Stakeholders on the Issues that Matter the Most

Engage and build consensus with your stakeholders through automated tooling and data management.

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We constantly refine our process and keep up to date with the latest global and domestic issues impacting investors, startups, and public companies.

Software and services are developed in alignment and accordance with global disclosure standards, frameworks, and regulations:

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