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ESG Fund

Investment vehicles constructed using an asset allocation strategy that focuses on environmental, social, and governance factors
By CFI Team · June 14, 2022
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ESG Score

An objective evaluation of a company, a fund, or a security’s performance measured against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria
By CFI Team · June 02, 2022
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The Purpose-Driven Business

Jason Nachamie and Colin Healey, from the Sustainable MBA program at the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business discuss how the B-Corp movement is a crucial component to addressing the climate crisis.
By The Solar Spill Podcast · November 5, 2021
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CRI Startups Potentially Reduce GHG

Estimating the potential for GHG emission reductions for early-stage companies like those in CRI’s portfolio is challenging. The recently developed CRANE tool offers an open-source methodology to assess the emissions reduction potential of climate technologies like those of CRI’s startups.
By Chain Reaction Innovations · September 21, 2021
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CRANE User Report 2021

This report captures data and insights from interactions with users since CRANE’s release in April 2020, with targeted solicitation of feedback in the form of user interviews and surveys conducted from April to June 2021. For the user interviews and surveys, the CRANE team reached out directly to respondents who had previously registered an account through CRANE.
By Cassie Borish, Amber Gold, Seth Sheldon · July 21, 2021
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