Portfolio Potential Impact Analysis
for Investors

Quantifying the environmental, social, and economic impacts of your portfolio is a unique and complex challenge. Issues with data integrity, assurance documentation, and information gathering makes even the most straightforward impact analysis out of reach. Rho Impact provides a systematic approach for measuring and managing your impact performance today, and projecting what these impacts will be in the future.

  • Measure and manage your impacts on identified material issues, including your GHG emissions
  • Measure the forward-looking emissions reduction potential of your portfolio companies with CRANE Analyses
  • Project your future impacts with assurable documentation for each data point, assumption, and methodology used
  • Create in-house ESG frameworks and scorecards to gauge progress and communicate performance

What Makes the Rho Impact
Approach Unique

  • Your organization is a dynamic, interconnected array of relationships and feedback loops. Rho Impact identifies, labels and explains each element to simplify the complexity and accelerate your impact.

  • Move from macro, to mid-level, to micro views of your organization. Whether you need a broad or detailed view of your operations, Rho Impact lets you discover as much or as little detail as needed.

  • Whether it's your whole organization or a sub-system of a business unit or product-line, Rho Impact informs greater decision-making and resource stewardship.

  • Rho Maps provide dynamic breakdowns of your risks, presents an array of interventions, and enables you to test those solutions in a variety of scenarios.

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