Meet Our Rho Impact Research Fellows: Shared Passions, Diverse Perspectives

· February 07, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the selection of our Winter 2024 Rho Impact Research Fellows. The demand for impact forecasting practitioners is increasing, and our team at Rho Impact is committed to capacity building in this space, both for our growing team and the wider community of practice. After a rigorous selection process, we have chosen a diverse and highly talented cohort of new Fellows. These individuals share our passion for advancing sustainability through data-driven impact investing and growth of clean technology sectors. We look forward to working alongside them and seeing their contributions to the space!

Meet Our Rho Impact Research Fellows:
Shared Passions, Diverse Perspectives

Our Winter 2024 Research Fellows bring a wealth of expertise and experiences to the table. We’re proud to introduce:

We extend our sincere gratitude to each Fellow for their commitment to learning the tools and approaches of impact forecasting.

The Journey Ahead

Fellows were selected through a competitive, multi-month process and are now beginning their work modeling and communicating the impacts of early-stage ventures across different sectors. In the coming few weeks, they will undergo intensive, seminar- and project-based training to refine their skills in constructing quantitative, forward-looking models of low-GHG technology deployment. They will further engage in peer-review processes to ensure the quality and accuracy of their models, while finding the best ways to communicate core impact hypotheses and key results to wider audiences.

Following successful completion of the training program, Fellows will join our team as contracted researchers, collaborating closely with our Science and Advisory teams and offering critical insights, while receiving guidance and support from Rho Impact’s existing team of seasoned experts.

Please Join Us in Celebrating

We invite you to join us in celebrating both the achievements and potential of our Winter 2024 Research Fellows! Together, we are committed to driving positive change and shaping a more sustainable future.

Rho Impact is growing and we have projects underway that require more hands on deck to produce the high-quality, high-resolution data this space needs. Please stay tuned for updates on the groundbreaking work our Fellows will undertake as they continue to push the boundaries of impact forecasting and contribute to the global movement towards a more sustainable, net-zero economy.

About Rho Impact

Rho Impact is dedicated to providing Climate Impact Forecasting services to Operators and Investors, and we strive to push the envelope in how emissions reductions go from planned to real, by providing our clients and customers with the information they need to drive the global economy toward net-zero.