Demystifying ESG The 50,000 Foot Overview of ESG

· June 15, 2023

Rho Impact’s Demystifying ESG series aims to shed light on how ESG can drive business outcomes that are good for companies, their stakeholders, and society at large. In our inaugural episode, The 50,000 Foot Overview: What is ESG?, we delve into the fundamental concepts behind ESG and its significance for businesses today.

Key Takeaways:

Barriers to effective ESG strategic planning include a lack of clarity on how issues present risks, what issues to prioritize and why, and where to begin the process if you’re starting at square one. Effective and engaging planning requires both artistry and science:

  • When we talk about ESG, we're referring to a broad spectrum of environmental, social, and governance issues.

  • At its core, ESG revolves around the practices employed to tackle the risks and opportunities that arise from these issues. Given today’s emerging ESG disclosure requirements, evolving stakeholder expectations, and volatile conditions on the ground, ESG has become the new normal.

  • It is no longer just a consideration for socially responsible companies; it has become a framework for managing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that come with a changing environment, society, and economy.

To get a more indepth view of the topics above and learn more about ESG, check out the episode here and stay tuned for our next episode…