Chief Technical Officer

Location: Remote (United States)  ·  Hours: 40 hours per week  ·  Start date: Fall 2022  ·  

Required Skills: React  ·  Python  ·  Node.js  ·  SQL  ·  Kubernetes  ·  Helm  ·  GitLab CI/CD  ·  AWS  ·  

Why Rho Impact

Rho Impact is empowering every organization to make an impact and is setting a new standard of rigor and actionability to accelerate that impact. Our data-driven, verifiable software and services help investors allocate the over $1 trillion of necessary investment towards technologies with the best chance of reducing carbon emissions. We help our global customers accelerate their impact through our ESG and impact data software and services.

Come join a proven team that has already broken technological ground in difficult-to-enter markets and successfully exited to one of the largest corporations in America.

Rho Impact-ers are inherently doers who see their work directly tied to making our communities and the world a better place. This is a place where your work will be appreciated and will play a role in the global sustainability efforts taking shape across nearly every industry. We do this while providing opportunities to grow and support each other’s individual talents, passions, and wellbeing. If you share these values, join us!

The Opportunity:

Rho Impact is seeking a motivated and entrepreneurial technical business leader to join its team as a co-founder. As CTO, you will build upon and implement our technical strategy; build and lead our software team; guide system design; and play a key role in devising and executing the overall business strategy.

About You:

  • You are a product-minded, business savvy engineer - You love the challenge to design and build the system that best supports high quality, high velocity delivery. You value technology as a means to power a company to achieve its mission and grow. And you love to build bridges between people!
  • You are an entrepreneur - You value a generous, founder-level equity stake in a bootstrapped company that you believe in, and you love the responsibility and challenges that come with it. Along with the rest of the leadership team, you are motivated by a starting salary of $125,000 that will grow as we scale the company. You are also excited about your direct role in enabling that scale.
  • You value the opportunity be an individual contributor when appropriate and you have the ability to identify when your time is best-allocated with your hands on and off the keyboard.
  • You are a teammate ...who loves to build teams. You have planned the growth of a software development team, and then implemented that plan and led the team.
  • You are a mentor and an eternal student - You love to create pathways to success, for others and yourself.


  • Design and oversee the creation of customer-focused products by collaborating with team members and customers, facilitating technology architecture decisions, creating and driving work streams, and releasing high quality software.
  • Develop and implement a software development team hiring plan, and lead the team.
  • Develop and lead the company’s technology strategy, including proper balancing of cost, quality, velocity, and delivery, with an emphasis on high-quality delivery.
  • Identify points when vendors and/or off-the-shelf technology solutions are the best way for the company to meet technological goals. Oversee selection and management of relevant relationships, as well as selection and configuration of integrated 3rd party tools.
  • As the development team grows, recognize points when the most prudent course includes your direct contribution to the codebase, and roll up your sleeves.
  • As a member of the executive team, contribute to overall company strategy, and key tactical decisions. Take a proactive role in working with other leaders to augment the organization’s work environment in areas including diversity, professional development, recruitment, onboarding, and retention.


  • Software and cloud engineering experience
  • Proficiency in Python, Node.js, and React
  • Experience making architectural decisions
  • Strong delegation, training, and communication skills
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm
  • Experience with CI/CD and devops
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience managing software developers


  • An opportunity to earn a founding member stake in a company that is already generating revenue and poised to grow under your direction
  • A company and teammates dedicated to continuing education and professional development
  • Fully remote work - Rho Impact is and has been remote-only dating back to the company’s predecessor in 2012. This is not a temporary reaction to the pandemic. Our culture is empowering, low-ego, transparent, and fast-paced. As a remote-only company, our team members are given a lot of trust and autonomy to work where and how they want. Unlike most small companies our size, we have dedicated HR resources that allow for our employees to receive the same benefits across the United States.
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Medical, dental, FSA, HSA and 401K benefits
  • Flexible Paid Well-being Leave Policy. This is “Unlimited PTO” done right in an effort to ensure a true balance of work and life. We are proud of our work here, so please inquire for more details!
  • Paid Family Leave. As with our paid leave policies, we have a thoughtfully implemented family leave policy and have welcomed a number of “new team members” over the years.
We value your interest and we would love to hear from you!
Please send an email to with a resume that includes the following items:
  • Your resume
  • Links to anything you would like to share, such as your website, blog posts, GitHub, and/or anything else that helps paint a picture of you and your work
  • A separate document in which you share why you are interested in this role and Rho Impact, in particular.