Carbon Accounting and Impact Measurement Services

You're serious about your net-zero commitments, and we're serious about helping you achieve them. Whether it be your emissions footprint or your impacts on local communities, an impact measurement and management (IMM) system provides a systematic approach to quantifying and tracking your impact progress.

As a core contributor to the CRANE Tool, we continue to help advance the state of the art so we can help you manage and reduce your emissions.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting
Calculate the GHG footprint of your operations, supply chains, business units, or individual products and assets.
  • Determine your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Identify emission ‘hot-spots' and leverage points for reduction across your operations and supply chains
  • Provide investor-grade data on your Net Zero performance
Impact Measurement and Management (IMM)

Implement a systematic approach for measuring and managing your environmental, social, and economic impacts.

  • Create a customized IMM system specific to your material issues and stakeholder expectations
  • Choose a prescribed system from Rho Impact's data-base of industry-specific IMM templates
  • Provide investor grade data across a wide range of environmental, social, and governance issues
Forward-Looking Emission Reduction Potential (ERP) Projections
Assess the emissions reduction potential of your emerging technology, enterprise, product line, or portfolio investments.
  • Validate your impact thesis with assurable, evidence-based methodologies and calculation transparency
  • Provide investor grade data for every calculation, data source, and methodology
  • Pressure test the effectiveness and technical accuracy of your Net Zero strategy, environmental justice efforts, and TCFD reporting

What Makes the Rho Impact
Approach Unique

  • Your organization is a dynamic, interconnected array of relationships and feedback loops. Rho Impact identifies, labels and explains each element to simplify the complexity and accelerate your impact.

  • Move from macro, to mid-level, to micro views of your organization. Whether you need a broad or detailed view of your operations, Rho Impact lets you discover as much or as little detail as needed.

  • Whether it's your whole organization or a sub-system of a business unit or product-line, Rho Impact informs greater decision-making and resource stewardship.

  • Rho Maps provide dynamic breakdowns of your risks, presents an array of interventions, and enables you to test those solutions in a variety of scenarios.

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