Emissions. Regulations. ESG. Training. Forecasting. There are a lot of strategic and operational concerns that are part of a business' new normal. Gemini supports the execution of best-in-class ESG programs with all the features, tools, and resources used by Rho Impact's expert advisory team.

In addition to expert-developed resources and processes, Gemini has an ever expanding collection of purpose-built software and AI models that reduce the time and complexity of your Impact and ESG implementation process.

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Built for Tangible Results

Gemini is designed with practical outcomes in mind. We are deeply intimate with the work involved and strive to build tools and services that address real pain points and real needs. From machine learning models that speed up the document discovery process during baselining to auto-classification systems to streamline impact data management, Rho Impact addresses the key barriers to putting Impact and ESG into practice.

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Tackle Cross-Functional Compliance

The Governance component of ESG can be the most challenging to manage, especially as regulations are tightening. Nonetheless, governance is a crucial component of your ESG strategy's success. Rho Impact helps you form a holistic approach that includes compliance under your ESG plan. With RhoGemini regulatory risk-assessment tool, you can tackle cross-functional compliance.

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Get Started Quickly

Plan, track, and report on enterprise Impact, ESG programs, carbon footprints, and more, no matter your starting point. Gemini, our tool ecosystem, and our expert advisors help make meaningful progress whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started. We have tailored our process based on our decades of experience implementing these programs at Fortune 500s, local municipalities, and everything in between.

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Maximize Your Impact

Impact and ESG data are messy. Rho Impact helps you organize your data, classify your documents, track progress, and report your efforts where and when it counts. We automate when appropriate and have our expert team available when hands-on effort is best, all to maximize your ability to make meaningful progress.